Welcome to ZOFTERM !!


Development and update of software.

Under systems is the different types of applications that is development by zofterm..

Main program is a maintenance software cmms, that is used to keep track of maintenance activities in industrial and marine applications.

Information system is used to display small messages to employees in example a factory.
This requires and screen and pc to display this a central place.

The workorder system is used by smaller contractors that want to keep track of all of the activites, quotes, orders and invoices.

iPhone apps .
Currently there are two apps on the Apple AppStore.
 "Interpolation 1.4" and "Calc pH"

Is also testing "Mini Marbles" på app store.
This is a small physics game.


ZOFTERM - Sønderbyvej 9, Holmsland - 6950 Ringkøbing +45 2886 3878